About The Photography Elf

I’m Qué Banh AKA The Photography Elf.  My weapon of choice is a camera and I shoot all the time.   I LOVE photography.  It’s been a passion since a young age.

I’m an avid and playful photographer residing on beautiful Vancouver Island.  My love of photography came at a young age when I was given my first Brownie camera at age 7.  I learned darkroom techniques/developing starting in grade 5 and continued using manual developing as I got older.

The only photography component I’ve been formally trained in is the darkroom and manual developing techniques.  I’m a self-taught photographer, a DIY type who loves breaking out of my comfort shoot zones whenever the opportunity arises.  I believe in learning for life & am always trying to educate myself on new shooting/lighting techniques to create more interesting images.  I like to work on perfecting shots at a shoot rather than overly manipulating/perfecting images in post-production.  I’m a photographer and not a graphic designer and snapshots are my focus.  For example: I won’t airbrush wrinkles but may suggest different facial expressions so they show up less; won’t ask you to suck in your tummy for long periods of time but may suggest more complimentary poses that show off your best features better & take attention away from features you’re not so fond of.  I’m most fond of real life, photo documentary/journalism type of photography.  I love photographs that are meaningful or able to “speak” to the viewer.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~ Ansel Adams

Qué Banh, The Photography Elf


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