Raw, au naturel. Fine Art Shoot with Jam

Photo by Jam Hamidi. Raw, au naturel, no makeup. It was important to me to keep it very basic for the purpose I had in mind.

Challenging society’s standards of beauty & breaking stereotypes about disabled women. I am a creative, confident, intelligent, empowered woman; who just happens to be a polio survivor & dealing with post-polio in my present life.

My body is imperfect & I love every single part of it – because it belongs to me 100%.
I don’t care if others judge me for my scars, my atrophied legs, my differences in leg lengths – their ignorance, their problem.

These were shot awhile back but I needed some time to work up the courage to put myself out there. I was scared to death even though I knew the purpose of this shoot when we did it & told my photog friend why I needed to break comfort zones – for myself & also for others.

I’m hoping that by showing that I’m ok with putting myself out there, it will inspire more women, disabled or not, to embrace their bodies, just as they are, and love their bodies 100%. I want to inspire others to reject society’s warped standards on beauty & define themselves. If I can inspire just one woman to do that, then putting myself out there was worth it.

Doing this shoot, despite my fear, was important to me. I was very saddened when looking around & noticing that most women aren’t comfy with their own bodies….subscribing, unconsciously or not, to warped societal beauty standards, which are more often than not, unrealistic.

When I’m saddened or bothered by something, I tend to take action in a creative form. That’s how my brain works.

More images from this shoot are on my G+: https://plus.google.com/photos/+QueBanh/albums/5855305473628847569


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