I’ve been censored by Facebook

Here I am on the steps of the BC Legislature, photo documenting my friend, Sarah’s, burlesque tribute performance for a very meaningful & important awareness event. This was a performance made by special request from the rally organizers & it was a positive community gathering.

I have been censored by Facebook for showing images from this very public rally event. It is absolute bullshit that one person can abuse the report option there & a photographer has zero recourse – you are not given a chance to defend yourself & your accuser is an anon coward behind a computer. I am NOT COOL with that BULLSHIT.

From Meera Madhuria (image by Gord Smith, Sarah’s husband):

“Proudly Presenting Miss Sarah Ginger Kittens Smith as she bravely showed her support for the RED UMBRELLA Day helping bring awareness to the National Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers! This image was previously reported and removed due to nudity and possible pornographic material. She was covered with pasties and a watermelon merkin, guys, it was fun and flirty! Why does this image more importantly this message get stripped off a wall while pages like ‘Rack of the Day’ or ‘Bum of the Day’ and so many other pages get to show overtly sexual content that objectifies woman?”


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