BLOCKED., originally uploaded by The Photography Elf.

Blocked with no opportunity for defense or recourse. Facebook’s reporting policy sucks & that’s why people abuse it daily. Violence is OK but a burlesque performer doing a tribute at an anti-violence public rally is not OK. Fuck that. I’m not staying quiet about your BS protection of cyber bullies. It’s wrong & I stand up to that kind of injustice. I’m well known for my bold, hard stances on issues that are important to me.

They blocked me after a prude reported several of my pics as being obscene. It’s a huge double standard on that site & there’s zero recourse for photogs or other creative artists if anyone finds your work “offensive”.

FB allowed a vid of a woman being beheaded, that was up for over a month. They won’t remove pages that show animal or child abuse with graphic images. However if an empowered woman does a burlesque tribute performance at a public annual rally on government grounds (BC Legislature Building), photos of that are deemed obscene. I was blocked for that BS. I am not staying quiet either.

Their site allows bullies to sit behind computers & abuse the report feature. If you ask them for help if someone is harassing you or clearly attacking you from multiple accounts – they refuse to help unless you have a court order. Can we say FUCKED UP?

I document real life & if that is offensive, then we are all in a lot of trouble. What happened to me, can happen to anyone who uses that site if you dare to take a stand on your beliefs & values. I am not bowing down to a social media site that gives more power to bullies, than they do to the people being targeted by anon cowards.


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