2010 Victoria Pride Parade

This is my favourite from all the photos I took at the fabulous Victoria Pride Parade on July 1st, 2010. I opted to shoot the parade from the James Bay area near the park where the festival took place instead of battling bigger crowds downtown. Sure glad to have made that decision as I caught many different perspectives and there was lots of space for me to move and shoot. The rain held off and other than some overcast skies and winds coming in; the weather wasn’t all that shabby. There were quite a few nice sunny breaks & I didn’t feel the need to wear a jacket – wasn’t all that cold out.

The vivacious and fun atmosphere on the street during the parade was positively catching! It was funny to watch a few cars get stuck ‘inside’ the parade – the looks on their clueless faces was priceless – but I wasn’t there to shoot surprised motorists – just the parade & some shots at the festival for the Victoria Pride Society. I aimed to supply the organizers with a nice montage of the parade and festival; the only thing I missed shooting was the entertainment & crowd inside the beer garden. Believe that almost everything else was covered and am happy with the work provided in exchange for an honorarium.

I fully support equal rights and love for all. I find ignorance distasteful and hope that disease goes away sooner rather than later. The parade and festival were both positive ways to celebrate tolerance and to bring together people no matter what their genital configuration or sexual orientation may be.

It was so wonderful to see people from varying ages, different backgrounds and lifestyles all come together to celebrate diversity, tolerance & equality. One of the best things I overheard at the festival were parents talking openly to their children about sexuality, telling their children that everyone is different and that is not a bad thing, sharing with their kids that learning to understand others is one good way to battle hatred and that it’s OK for people to choose who they love. It was awesome to see children, adults and seniors embrace this big celebration of equal love.

There was some fabulous live entertainment at the festival all day. They had two stages; the main one and the one in the beer garden where the burlesque performers did some acts. If you were hungry, food was plentiful and many yummies to choose from. My favourite dish from the festival were the honey BBQed ribs from the Ambrosia Centre’s booth – simply delicious! Many vendors had items for sale in stalls and I bought a few new to me items while enjoying the festival and snapping photos.

All in all – it was a spectacular way to spend a Sunday! Big kudos to all the organizers involved, the sponsors, the volunteers and anyone else who helped to make Pride Week a smashing success who I may have accidently missed!


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