Quest for the Title VI is tonight

This is an exciting card which will see Welterweight Champion Miles Loman from Comox defend his Canadian title against Brian Chou from Sidney.

BC Middleweight title holder Bruce Khademi from Vancouver will defend his title against past World Junior Champion, Chase Ingalls of Campbell River.  Chase begins persuing his dream of winning the adult World title.

Liz Lampard of Studio 4 Athletics and Liz Williams of Professional Self Defence step up for their ring debut.

The Mueller brothers are back as you will see Leigh Mueller of Canada’s Best up against Tom Mattu of World Kick Boxing in Vancouver.  Brother Kieran Mueller is stepping in with John Panke from Professional Self Defence.

The big guys, Nate Gray of Vancouver’s World Kick Boxing will square off against Scott Judson of the Comox Valley Boxing Club.

We are just finalizing Cory Hastings opponent and both the Jauncey brothers fights, arranging to bring up two talented fighters from Sitan Gym in Arizona hoping to give these two talented brothers a challenge.

For more info please visit the official Quest for the Title website:


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