Jets Overhead opens up the Jingle Bell Rock Concert

Jets Overhead opens up the Jingle Bell Rock Concert @ SOFMC in Victoria, BC on December 21, 2009.  They did a good job of entertaining the crowd despite the last minute time change which gave Tegan & Sara a longer set. Most people started coming in at 8PM when the concert was originally slated to begin.  Thus the crowd wasn’t very large for Jets Overhead but I think they did quite well.  The only thing that I didn’t quite enjoy was the fact the band members were spread out pretty far from one another.  This created big challenges for shooting the entire band and it also made it hard for the audience to see how band members ‘connect’ on stage.   I’ve seen this band a couple of times before but hadn’t photographed them until yesterday.  They are promoting their latest album “No Nations“; go pick it up and support an awesome local Victoria band!

I covered this for Guttersniped ‘zine last night and had a great time photographing at the arena.  It was my first time having a full access press pass there and it was both exciting and nerve wracking.   The nervous energy left me a couple of minutes after starting to shoot; for gigs like this I always get a few butterflies in my belly until I’m warmed up.

Guttersniped ‘zine and Atomique Productions have permission for full photo usage.  Please do not use any of my photos without prior permission and full credit.  Thank you.


One thought on “Jets Overhead opens up the Jingle Bell Rock Concert

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    Beautiful. In the most concise way possible, that is how I can describe the stripped-down CBC Radio 2 Live Sessions show that Jets Overhead delivered last night. There is always something special about seeing a band in a room designed specifically for music performance, with an audience hanging on every note in silence. Every instrument distinguishable, every note clear and crisp. Close your eyes, and you could almost imagine sitting on the floor of Joe King Hall on Hornby Island where Jets Overhead recorded their new album.

    Thank you.

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