Just before I left for my trip to the provincial games in July I did a combo duo shoot with Dollipop and Cherry D. Vine.  This was my second time working with Dollipop.   Our first shoot was at my friend Nadine‘s apartment with a DIY studio style set up.  We had a lot of fun the first time around and this time was even more fun with the addition of Cherry D. Vine joining us. I am getting better at capturing Dollipop as we’ve become friends outside of shoots and that always helps to capture a person better in photos.  She has great outer beauty and the inner beauty matches this.   Dollipop is a true Team Vag member; a woman who empowers herself and her fellow women.  A positive person in many ways.

We shot at three different locations and everyone had a blast all day. I saw this mural at one of the locations and instantly thought it would be fab to try and optical illusion shot with it. I am pretty happy with the results from our drive-abouts/walk-abouts that day.


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