Cherry D. Vine

I finally got to work with Cherry D. Vine in July.  We had been trying to set up a shoot together for several months before our schedules actually matched up.   I did a few shots of her while we did the multi-collaborative Island FX studio shoot that her man Keith Sonic(Williams) had organized but we didn’t have a lot of time for me to do many solo shots of her that day.

Since we’d been messenging back and forth for some time prior to the shoot in July and met at the studio shoot, I had an idea of what her personality was like.   I had a lot of fun shooting with Cherry D.   She’s got a bubbly and engaging personality that is similar to Dollipop‘s.  I had no problem at all working with Cherry D. and enjoyed getting to know her better during our multi location shoot.   She’s just as sweet and divine as her namesake, inside and out.   We both had a bit of a small world moment when we took a shooting/modelling break; I used to hang out with one of her old coworker buddies! I’ll be doing a shoot with Cherry D. & her lovely daughter Mariah sometime in the near future.  They both have such amazing eyes!


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