Canada Day in Sooke & James Bay

I decided to avoid the crowds on Canada Day this year and take a day trip to Sooke with some fellow photography loving friends instead. Last year we did the big crowds thing downtown, it was great but I was exhausted and turned off of crowds by the end of it. Last year it was a big celebration because it was also BC’s 150th gala. There was a lot going on for Canada Day this year too but I didn’t want to be in a crowd this year.

A few friends met up at my place the morning of Canada Day to head off for our day photog adventure in Sooke. Matt H. and I went with Yvonne in her car and Tina drove her own car as she had to get back to town earlier than the rest of us. Matt took us on an alternate route to Sooke, the Humpback back road way. It was much more scenic than the regular route and we all enjoyed it very much.

We hit up East Sooke Park, the Pike Rd beach trail and chilled there for awhile snapping some pics. After finishing there we went to this fab restaurant called Fuze near the Sooke River for lunch. Their patio has a great view and it’s a pretty posh place considering the blue collar community it’s located in. I had the classic fish and chips and highly recommend it! There was more fish than batter and filled me up so much I didn’t finish half my fries. Tina headed back to town after lunch and the three of us went further into Sooke.

Matt directed Yvonne to our next destination, a rocky beach that doesn’t get a lot of human visitors. We did run into a few people but not many at all. Most likely we saw people there because it was a holiday. Matt informed us that he usually sees no one when he’s been out there. It was a lovely day trip and a nice break away from the city. Also gave me a nice break from planned shoots. This day trip was a great way to get in some fun photo play without worrying about any post production deadlines. I get recharged when I spend time in natural peaceful surroundings. Whenever I feel reconnected with nature there is a catalystic effect on my mental and physical being. It’s an awesome almost surreal feeling that no words can truly describe.

Arrived back home at around 5:30PM and we headed off to Nadine’s boyfriend Steve’s place in James Bay to chill. I remember the house he lives in from my youth! One of my jr. high school friends used to live one block away and we used to walk past the house he lives in all the time. The area has since been built up a lot. I didn’t recognize the building beside his home at all. Steve’s every bit as delightful as Nadine had described. A funny and friendly host, we had a good time chatting with him while we were there. His son is pretty nifty too albeit a bit shy. I’m hoping as we get to know him he’ll warm up more and we’ll get to see more of his personality. Had a nice time chilling with everyone there and would have stayed for the zombie movie if I’d had more energy. I was so tired by around 9pm we left shortly after. Loved Canada Day this year. It was just the right mix for me. Some photography and some quality time with fab people. Mission accomplished!


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