Forty+ & Fabulous – Introducing Nadine

Shoot with Nadine, originally uploaded by The Photography Elf.

My lovely and creative friend Nadine Lucas (alter ego Cherry Darling) is a woman who’s over 40 and still sizzling hot. Not only is she a hottie but she’s got brains to boot. Nadine is a poet and filmmaker, a very creative lass and has an awesome personality. A well rounded woman who takes direction well. She runs a blog which may interest some local foodies. And sorry boys this lady is taken!

I don’t buy into the commerical standards of beauty which is limited to super thin and super young gals. Have always believed that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Just because a woman is over 30 or 40 or even 50 it doesn’t mean that they can’t be viewed as alluring and sexy. In fact I think that the confidence and self awareness that most older women possess makes them appear more attractive. I’ll be showcasing another fabulous 40+ woman soon. Would like more people to appreciate the beauty of an older woman!


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