VeeDub IV Competition

Best trick comp, originally uploaded by The Photography Elf.

We went to check out some wicked skateboarding action at the annual VeeDub competition at the skate park in Vic West. It was gray skies and overcast for most of the day with a few sunny breaks mixed in. The weather was nice and temperate, about right for this kind of comp. I was running late and didn’t end up getting to the park until close to 1pm after grabbing a quick lunch between shoots.

I was bummed I missed the classic dudes but got there in time for plenty of awesome skate action. Spent most of my time around Jon Degree’s DJ booth & had a great view of the whole park from there. Next time I’ll bring some more lenses to try out. It was a kickass event & I plan to hit it up again next year if I’m in town. Check out the rest of the pics from the event on my VeeDub VI Flickr set which I just finished today.

Here’s a news story about the event with the results of the competition:

This was my first time shooting skateboarding with my Canon. Think I did alright for my first time out and am stoked about shooting more sports related photography this summer. I’m trying out some outdoor volleyball action tomorrow.


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